Before civilization came about, Egyptian girls put on fragrant oils made of myrrh, frankincense, rose and peppermint. They used these in religious ceremonies, but older girls also put on perfume oils before they held hands with a boy they liked so their skin would feel soft to the touch. Yes, the fragrances then might probably not smell similar to what we get in our perfume stores or malls nowadays. But what makes it amazing is that there is a common reason for wearing  perfumes.

Why does she wear a perfume?

There are a lot of reason why most ladies wear perfumes, but the most common and general one is to make them feel seductive and sexy. Fragrance has long history with sex and seduction as the perfumer Mandy Aftel once said  “The height of that, was Cleopatra filling her ship with rose petals, wading knee-deep through them to go and meet Mark Antony, creating the indelible image and smell of a bouquet of roses,” Cleopatra’s aim — to seduce by intoxicating the senses — still resonates today. After having much interactions while selling or  trying to recommend perfumes to ladies, I found out most ladies frequently requested for something “sexy”.

Another good reasons ladies wear perfumes is to be remembered. Scientists have discovered that the sense of smell is directly tied to memory, especially if it’s the memory of someone a person loves. I’m sure we’ve all had the experience of perceiving a smell from a restaurant or bakery  and it reminds us of something our Mother made for us when we where little. When a girl wears perfume around you, she wants you to remember her fondly. If her perfume smells of a certain flower, such as a gardenia or jasmine, she wants you to think of her whenever you go out into the world and smell those particular flowers. Consider it a compliment if a lady wears a perfume in your presence, especially if it’s a lady you are fond of. For her next birthday, you might even want to give her a perfume that you think smells good. If she’s fond of you, too, she’ll wear it–even if she doesn’t really like it.

Lastly for me, ladies wear perfumes to feel complete. They want to be asked what’s the name of the perfume you are wearing just exactly the way they are asked whats the name of the designer of a cloth, shoes or bag she has on her. Her fashion is not complete without a perfume which is why you see some ladies spend so much on getting a good perfume so as to satisfy her fashion and show off her individuality.